About the Rock

Running the race marked out for us

About the Rock

We are the People

We are the deafening applause, celebrating your success. We are the warm embrace when things go wrong... and right. We are the guide, not showing you the way but helping you to find your own. We are the advocate, celebrating the richness in your diversity. We are the tools, repairing and building. We are the cushion when you need a break. We are the joy of life and love.

We are not perfect. We don't care that you're not either.

We are The Rock.

Meet the team behind the rock


  • Senior Leader

    Chris Chapman

    Raised as a minister’s daughter, it took a crisis in her life before she began to examine the faith she had been handed as a child. Realising there was very little ‘Christ’ in her Christianity, she embarked on a journey to discover the God that Jesus had come to reveal: one who is love and whose plan from the start was to put everything right, for everyone, for all time.  

    Encountering this scandalous grace, she, along with her husband Anth, seek to provide a home where the unconditional love of God is communicated and everyone is accepted as they are. At the Rock, the news you’ll hear will always be good! Chris isn’t shy to share her enthusiasm for life, is very creative in sewing and crafts, and her idea of heaven is watching an episode of The Good Wife, wrapped in a blanket, with a glass of Spanish rose!

  • Senior Leader

    Anth Chapman

    A ‘wordsmith’ by passion and function, which is why he spends the majority of his working time speaking and communicating at home and across the globe. Loves what he does and gets to do what he loves. Useless at small talk but you can hardly shut him up if you give him a platform to talk about the purpose, love and acceptance he has found in the Love of God, despite his own imperfections.

    Still with his childhood sweetheart of 45 years and counting, married 38 of those. Father (not always very good one!) to Joel & Connie. Granddad (brilliant one!) to Riley.  Leader of the Rock for 22 years before handing over to wife, Chris in 2013.

Meet the team behind the rock

Leadership and Staff

  • Beth Wilcox

    Having spent most of her life attending one church or another, when Beth came to York to further her education, she looked for a church to call home. Beth found herself at the Rock, quite by accident but, as she's discovered along her journey, most of the unplanned things in life can bring the greatest joy.

    Initially staying at the Rock because it felt like home, Beth remains part of the house because its taught her what home really is: Grace without exception, Love beyond reason and Hope that outlives the storm.

    On a daily basis, she gets to bring a taster of that home to young people all over the city and sees God show up in some of the most unlikely places: in skate parks and on football pitches, behind prison doors and on park benches, in McDonalds and outside local shops, in NHS Clinics and in the pub, at probation meetings and on double decker buses.

    Beth is grateful to know a God who isn't afraid of any mess, who is not restricted by the 4 walls of a church building, and a God who doesn't want to ‘conquer’  her, but wants to walk with her and generally do life with her, no matter what that looks like!


  • Jenny Byrne

    Most people who know Jenny would probably comment on that fact that she wears a big smile and has a big heart for people. Others know that behind the smile there have been times of deep sadness, disappointment and a darkness to navigate. She has discovered that love wins always, and the cost that brings is worth it.  

    She has experienced incredible, saving grace within the rollercoaster of marriage; the utter gift of being a parent; the joys and pitfalls of friendship; and the wonder of the belly laugh. Jenny loves to teach and nurture people in many different contexts. She likes harmony and is passionate about people being as 'together' as possible, without competition or agenda, because she wants the church to do something incredible and authentic, or go home! 

  • Joel Chapman

    Joel has been part of the Rock's community his whole life. From a young age, you would find him singing and dancing in various productions, and it was clear that Joel would some day find himself in a role that would allow his creativity to be expressed. Joel became part of the music team at the age of 14 and later went on to assist with the leading of this group. He was then taken on full time in 2002 to run the Rock Academy of Dance, which has over the years taught and performed to thousands. In 2013, Joel was brought on to the leadership team, giving him the opportunity to widen his gifts with people and ministry.

    Like many other members of the team, Joel is committed to challenging the exclusivity of what should be an inclusive kingdom. He solely believes there is not one thing that can seperate anybody, no matter how bad they think they are, from the relentless tenderness and loving gaze of Jesus.



  • Danny Sewell

    The Rock is an ice-breaking, unconventional family where Danny feels at home:

    "I grew up being part of a church and love rethinking my outlook on life, which is one of the great things about being part of the Rock. I'm still trying to figure out what I believe about life, the universe and everything, so being part of a group of people who are also on a similar journey is exciting! "

    Growing up in Kent on his parents' farm, Danny moved to York in 2001 to be part of the Rock.

    Danny lives with his wife, Amy, and their 4 cats and they host foreign students from all over the world.

    As part of the full time staff at the Rock, Danny gets to be involved in most departments through his love for music, media and parties!


  • Amy Sewell

    Amy is the newest member of the team and has been with us since March 2016. When she's not at work, she loves spending time at home in front of the fire with her 5 cats, or crafting away in her studio.

  • Dave Craven

    Dave has attended the Rock from the age of 10 when his parents moved to York from Doncaster (South Yorkshire)

    For 20 years, he worked as a toolmaker before coming full time onto the leadership team.  He is a master of engineering and serves the house in practically every department, from PA, lighting and set building to project managing all of the Rock's major events.

    He is our 'go to' guy if you need anything building or fixing. If he can't tell you how to fix it, then he's sure to know a man who can!

    His skills are particularly tested to the limit when working with the teenagers in Urban Revolution, who affectionately know him as Uncle Dave!

    Dave looks after all our facilities: he has been likened to Scotty on the star ship enterprise keeping the ship running and boldly going where no one has gone before (usually the roof!).

    Dave over recent years has started a company with his brother Phil making night vision equipment and loves shooting rats (aw!) and the great outdoors.



Meet the team behind the rock


  • Graham Grant

    A bit like a lost migratory bird, Graham is here from New Zealand, a small country just down and a bit left of Australia.  It might be a long way away but to Graham and his family, the Rock has become home.  As a Director, he brings a commercial background from a diverse range of industries such as forestry, international shipping, banking, mining and renewable energy.  Amongst other things, one passion is chainsaws, a bit weird, but if you need anything cut down then he's your man.   

  • Jenny Flintoft

    Although she has been described as “human caffeine”, Jenny would more honestly describe herself as a "recovering controlaholic”! For too long, she lived a life of trying to live up to someone/something and despite all her best efforts, never feeling good enough. Only after having a mini meltdown by the side of the road one night did she realise she'd always been - and always would be - loved unconditionally, whatever she did or didn't do. As a result, Jen is passionate about encouraging and inspiring others, whatever their circumstances, to truly know that love wins. Every time!

    On a personal note, Jen is married to Dave and together they've produced 2 delicious children, Ruby and Benji. As if being a wife and Mum weren’t enough, Jenny also runs her own business, which takes her training and speaking around the UK and the world, is a primary school governor, and a director at The Rock. Would quite like a sit down, actually. 

  • Mick Fox

    Mick loves to serve others at the Rock, not just as Director, but also as part of the Lifezone and Urban Revolution teams.

    He first came to York with his job over 25 year ago and loved it so much that he stayed! During the day he works in banking and finance and has done for over 30 years.

    Mick is married to the lovely Sarah and they have two great kids, Peter and Esther. He loves squash and football and plays 5-a-side on a weekly basis as well as helping York City with their youth programme. Mick's favourite team is Barnsley F.C., who he has supported since a small boy and would love to see them back in the Premiership! He also helps run a summer camp for kids across York and North Yorkshire, which is very exciting in all weathers!

  • Pete Conde

    Pete is 60 something on the outside, but feels 30 on the inside. He has been a part of the Rock now for 20 years and can’t think of anywhere else he would rather be, except maybe flyfishing in Wales!

    A keen fisherman, Pete also loves walking in the mountains when he's not working in IT security.  As a granddad, Pete uses his years of wisdom and knowledge to help get the grandchildren into all sorts of mischief they haven’t yet discovered for themselves!

    "After all that’s what granddads do best.  We haven’t evolved over millions of years just to put up shelves, change nappies and pay bills, but to have fun and really live life to the full."

    This is what Pete loves most about the Rock: teaching us how to live life to the full.  

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